Frequently Asked Questions about CTS Tampa Bay Limo Services

Q How do I make a reservation for limo service?
A – If requesting a limousine service quote, you can contact us using our online form, email, text or a phone call. Whatever is most convenient.

Q How long can I reserve a limousine for?
A – Reservations range from a minimum of 1 hour to as many hours as you require.

Q How Does Your Roundtrip Service Work?
A – Round Trip is same day/night pick-up/drop-off and return service. A chauffeur will take you to your desired destination. When your event is over, your chauffeur will be ready at the pre-scheduled time to pick you up and bring you back. A minimum of a 4+ hours is required from your first pick up to your last drop off. 4 hours or less will be booked as an hourly reservation.

Price quotes are based on round-trip originating from Pinellas County. Currently providing service in Pinellas and from Pinellas to Pasco and Hillsborough Counties.

Price quotes start at $69.00 each way and include a small chauffeur fee. Gratuities are welcome.

A $50.00 deposit is required to book your reservation. Deposit will be fully refunded within 24 hours of payment. After that, the deposit is non-refundable. Deposits will be applied to the final cost of the reservation.

Overtime charges will apply starting 20 minutes past the scheduled pick up time at a rate of $20.00 and each subsequential 20 minutes thereafter.

One stop will be permitted along the way each way, after that each stop will be an additional $15.00 per stop each way.

Tolls and/or parking are not included in our price quotes and will apply to the final cost of the reservation.

Round Trip service not available for the Tampa Bay Amphitheatre. Hourly rates start at $55.00/hour.

Q Can I prepay for my reservation at time of booking?
A – Yes, we will run your credit card to book the reservation.

Q Is there a deposit required to book a reservation?
A – Yes, a deposit is required to book your reservation and will be applied to the final cost of the rental.

Q What reservations will require a deposit?
A – Booked hourly and round trip reservations will require a $50.00 deposit.

Q What is your cancelation policy?
A – Deposit will fully refunded within 24 hours of payment, after that, the deposit is non-refundable.

Q How do I find my chauffeur after my flight lands?
A – Your chauffeur will contact you to make arrangements for greeting inside or at curbside upon your arrival. Please have your cell phone turned on.

Q What happens if my flight is delayed or canceled?
A – Your chauffeur monitors the status of your flight based on the information they have available to them by the airlines. It will be the responsibility of the passenger to contact the office if any information about their flight changes. This includes a flight delay of more than 1 hour, or if your flight number changes. If you contact us that your flight is canceled, we can reschedule your next arrival.

Q Do you have child seats available?
A – We do not provide child seats; this will be the responsibility of the parent or guardian for the child.

Q Are you licensed and insured?
A – Absolutely, all chauffeurs are licensed and vehicles carry commercial liability insurance.

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